A blank page is sometimes daunting, but gives you more license to create than anything else. It’s an opportunity to reassess what’s important and eschew what hinders. What you decide to do with your blank page says a lot about your core values.

We’re tremendously excited about filling in our blank page as Aspida enters the market.

We value our distribution partners.

We are actively working with our distribution partners to identify new opportunities for product solutions that will solve consumer needs and open new markets. This collaboration has already generated systems improvements and new product concepts that will help secure our place as an innovator in our markets.

Value Proposition

We’re also improving our value proposition for our distribution partners so that Aspida continues to be their preferred carrier of choice.

I was recently leading a discussion on what Aspida brings to our distribution partners and clients. During that discussion, an associate shared the following: “If we take care of our policyholders, future applicants, and our distribution partners, growth and profitability will follow.”

Supporting Aspida Partners

Every day, we want to be the insurance carrier that financial professionals can’t live without. And if we stay focused on that, we make it simple for our partners to make a difference in their clients’ lives, helping them problem-solve for the future. Whether it’s through life insurance in the event of an untimely death, living benefits if diagnosed with a critical illness, or saving toward an affordable retirement, our distributors and producers have chosen to represent Aspida because they see value for their clients in our product portfolio.


To further support our partners, we’re building a culture of transparency so that we can forge even stronger partnerships with clear guidelines and guardrails. We’re establishing clear expectations for our partners and distributors by committing to and communicating specific timeframes for such things as turnaround times when someone files a claim and paying commissions. We want no uncertainty about how we operate, how we underwrite, how we pay a claim, and how we calculate things like rates for bonuses.

We see technology as imperative for growth.

We’re actively working to create simplicity and speed in our processes through technology upgrades. One key benefit is that this will help our producers submit IGO (In Good Order) business more quickly—meaning that all the necessary data is there from the outset. This, in turn, makes it possible to issue contracts faster to our policyholders, and commissions faster to our partners.

Our technology focus will be crystal clear when we launch our new eApp solution and a suite of new products in 2022.

We facilitate excellence at Aspida.

As our values indicate, we are uncompromising about making those we work with our first priority: “At Aspida, we meet our partners and clients wherever they are in life to help them protect their family today and accumulate assets for future needs.”

To do that effectively, we hire the best people and expect the best from them. We are actively adding new associates to increase policyholder service, distributor support, and product development.

And we hold ourselves accountable. We’re in the business of protecting dreams; your dreams. There is no “finish line.” There’s only the next achievement that we will strive to attain—and we’re headed there already.