While Facebook allows you to humanize your agency and share your agency’s culture and LinkedIn gives you as an agent a professional presence online, Instagram enables you to humanize yourself as an agent.

Through images and short posts, you can share your personal (yet still professional) values as an independent insurance agent, how you specifically contribute to your agency’s mission, and what you offer your target market.

In a video entitled, “How to Crush Instagram,” Ryan Hanley, SVP of marketing at TrustedChoice.com and the managing editor of Agency Nation, shares the following tips:

Place your agency within your community.

Post pictures of community landmarks, skylines, or events that would attract customers. Make sure to use hashtags to “capture other users who are looking for other users in their community,” said Hanley. He refers to a Buffalo-based insurance agency that uses hashtags such as #Buffalo, #downtownBuffalo, #morningcommute, #BuffaloNY, and more.

Post inspirational quotes.

Hashtags like #MondayMotivation or #ThursdayThoughts can be used to inspire and spread insight.

Match the things happening in your life with your values as an agent.

For example, if you sell life insurance for families with multiple children, post a picture of your children and/or spouse to demonstrate your personal understanding of the needs and goals of your target market. Again, remember to use hashtags that relate to the subject of the post, such as #family, #familytime #kids, etc.

If you’re wondering why to invest your time in cultivating a presence on Instagram, consider Hanley’s words: “Instagram just isn’t saturated yet. Facebook is saturated…Instagram, as far as what you’re trying to do there—build relationships, build engagement, have conversations, humanize your brand—it’s still wide open, especially for brands. When done right, it’s an incredibly powerful way to generate business.”

Location Makes All the Difference

We can’t talk about how to attract more customers without acknowledging the role that geography plays in insurance sales. Brian Clark Kahl, Director of Marketing at Aspida, says that agents’ ability to sell insurance in part “depends on the nature of the market that they’re in. It’s a function of the geographic location of agents, a function of opportunity.”

For example, Los Angeles county “is a really rich fertile ground for mining leads, while agents in rural, isolated areas are going to struggle more with lead generation,” says Clark Kahl.

What’s an independent insurance agent to do? Keep your focus on providing your clients and prospects with a high-quality customer experience. Return to our tips in this blog post. There’s no shortage of ways to use social media to drive engagement and conversation in your target market, which leads to more sales for you.